Sailor Chloe Captured – Encore

8 months ago


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Encore! thrill to this fantasy from a new angle with the 2nd camera version! adorable chloe rose is a cosplaying damsel in this delightful costume fantasy. the scene begins with the blonde babe dressed up in a sailor costume (of course) and heels, ballgagged and restrained with handcuffs and leg irons. she wears a collar, and the chain lead is attached up to the ceiling. our roleplaying ingenue struggles against the metal bondage, turning and showing off her shapely legs. then chloe’s ballgag is replaced with a medical wrap gag, and she’s buckled into leather cuffs that are pulled up to bring her into a strappado position. chloe continues her seductive struggles, then her top is pulled up to show off her perfect, all-natural breasts and her pleated skirt is folded up to expose her exquisite backside.